ten years

june 14. the thing about anniversaries is that we feel like we have to make it better every year, which is not easy to do if we plan to spend a lifetime with each other. but at the end of every anniversary, no matter what we do, we always end up feeling like it is our first and in effect the best we’d ever have.

yesterday marked our 10th anniversary and we kept everything simple. our celebration even started with a hospital visit. kim has been experiencing headaches the past weeks and had to miss work the night before so i forced him to go for a consultation. fortunately, there is a healthway medical clinic at the 4th floor of greenbelt 5 (para diretso date after, hehe) that honored kim’s maxicare health card. it was a long two-hour wait and kim still has to go back for additional tests on his eyes and ears. the doctor also told him he needs to gain weight. i don’t want to bore you with these medical stuff but please do include him in your prayers. i hope things won’t turn out bad.

so, on to our date. first, we had lunch at bonchon in greenbelt 1.

we had the rice meal with chops,

we also tried their kimchi.

and then gift-shopping. i got kim new work clothes,

a pair of driving shoes (and two pairs of president socks),

and a bottle of perfume.

while he made me believe that this was all he got for me, haha.

we then had nyfd merienda (herbed chicken sandwich and fries) while watching super 8. it was good until the alien shows up, heh. tip: stay a bit longer for a clip that would be shown beside the credits.

finally, after the movie, we had dinner at cpk.

7: 38 p.m. photo <3

we were still full so we just had our favorite blt pizza.

throughout the day, there were sudden expressions of disbelief, as always. (wow, a decade! can you believe it?) we also found ourselves reminiscing for the nth time what we were doing (mainly how silly we looked like) minutes before, during and after we officially agreed to become a couple 10 years ago. it still feels like only yesterday, hihi.

ten years. 120 months. 3,652 days. 87,648 hours. 5,258,880 minutes. 315,532,800 seconds. you, numbers, are really amazing. let’s keep counting, ayt? <3


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