breaking out

june 10. i finally got to visit a dermatologist at humana in makati for a consultation about my pimples. i’ve never had to deal with pimple problems since freshman college, which was 10 years ago, so i was really bothered that i am getting these pimples (and scars afterwards) now that i am a lot older.

the dermatologist just prescribed me epiduo. she instructed that i apply a pea size all over my face once a day before bedtime.

i’ve been using it for three nights now. my existing pimples dried out the day after my first application. but my face also started breaking out. this morning the new pimples have also dried out and i noticed the blackheads on my nose was reduced significantly.

epiduo is quite pricey so i don’t want to give up on it right now. hopefully my skin will get used to it after a week or two. the derma also told me it would take about six to eight weeks before the pimples clear up and then we can work on how to get rid of the scars. i’ve also read reviews that in most cases, things will get worse before it gets better. i guess i have to be patient enough for best results.


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