movies, books, friends

june 10. after lunch, kim and i saw x-men: first class at eastwood mall for p5 each, hehe. kim had to force me into watching these x-men movies with him. i even fell asleep in one of them (i don’t remember which one). but this one kept we awake from beginning to end (too bad there was no bonus clip after the credits). i find professor x boring, though, hehe. and i hate that wasp girl, angel.

while waiting for the 1:30 p.m. screening, we just lounged at one of the sofa’s and take photos of my nails featuring my diy newspaper nail polish.

later in the evening we met up with cy, ian and ice for the french film festival at edsa shangri-la mall. we caught the 9 p.m. show of the 1985 film sans toit ni loi by agnès varda. it stars sandrine bonnaire as mona bergeron, a vagabond who was found frozen in a ditch one winter morning in france. the film basically showed mona’s life leading to her death through flashbacks and interviews with people she encountered while camping out.

before the movie, we had dinner at sango! i tried the chicken curry burger. it was good but i didn’t recognize any hint of chicken curry. kim had the chicken teriyaki burger, which i have tried before and i know it’s good. i also had my favorite strawberry soda; while kim had a coffee shake.

after the movie, we met up with kate for tambay at starbucks. we went home around 2 a.m. we still have it, haha!

june 11. armed with barbecue shake shake fries from mcdonald’s, kim and i finally saw kung fu panda 2 in 3d at greenbelt 3. it’s a super cute movie! i don’t know why we waited this long to see it, haha. (side note: we just noticed the automatic escalators at greenbelt. cool and efficient!)

right after the movie, kim headed to work while i met up with the bookswap group at starbucks 6750.

i finished one book from my first swap, turtle moonby alice hoffman. i happened to start reading it last month and coincidentally the book was set in this place called verity, where all the weird stuff are supposed to happen in may. and so i vowed to finish it before may ends and i did, yay!

let the bookswap begin!

i ended taking home these three books. i promise to try finishing these and the other 12 books on my tbr list by 2013, hahaha!

this cute little girl wanted to join our group but she can’t read, heh.

i was home by 1:30 a.m. what is puyatfor two straight days? team teenage dream */* (a.k.a. we’ll be young forever!)


5 thoughts on “movies, books, friends

  1. Kat! Nice meeting you too. Syempre dito tau nag-usap sa blog ni Almi, hehe. Natapos ko na si Tana French, ang gandaaaa. Will bring it to next book club meeting.

  2. almi! the newspaper polish is crazeh! hindi ako nagnenailpolish pero parang gusto ko yun itry. ok lang ba sayo na gayahin kita? haha

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