kpop dance class

june 11. kim and i attended the 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. kpop dance class at acts dance and arts academy. it is just a small but clean studio located on the mezzanine of the ga tower along edsa-boni. the only problem is that it doesn’t have a shower room (only a toilet with sink that quite smells).

i used the last of the two vouchers that i bought from for p175 (i used the other one to attend a hiphop beginner’s class in april); while kim payed the walk-in rate of p300.

the song for today’s class was big bang’s tonight:

meet our instructor for the day, apple (who can pass as ate abi’s sister!). she was very patient with us. it was really a blessing that there were no other students for this session. we felt like we hired a personal choreographer, heh.

we really enjoyed the class that we are considering taking a regular class if we ever find a fixed common time that would fit the class schedules.

anyway, here be my after-class outfit shot:

nomu nomu nomu chua :))

3 thoughts on “kpop dance class

  1. Bebi, turuan mo ako ng sayaw ng big bang. Then ask the instructor if she knows the choreo for O Jung Ban Hap ng TVXQ. I wanna learn that too. hehehe!

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