notes on love

i have learned that when you find your one great love, it is possible at first to be too afraid to hold or even touch it. you might think it’s too good to be true. you often wonder what you could have done or been in your past life to deserve that love. most of the time you only sigh to yourself because deep down you know there is nothing more that you could possibly do to be worthy of that kind of love. its perfectness just makes it look so fragile that most of the time you find yourself just admiring it from a distance, afraid to break it.

but then the thought of losing that one great love would suddenly make you take a leap. you hold unto that love tight. and from the first touch, you already knew that you never want to let it go. you vow to take care of it. you caress it, kiss it, love it in every way possible. you are afraid to be not good enough to deserve that love. in fact, you don’t want to just be good enough, you want to be most deserving of that love so you always give your best effort in everything.

most of the time, you would feel that you want to shout about your one great love to the whole world. you want to tell everyone that the love you have and know is just how love should be.

but then sometimes, you would manage only a whisper because you are afraid that if the world knew about it, something or someone will take that love away from you.

in the end, it doesn’t matter why you found that love and who else should find out about it. all that matters is love came—a cliché but true. love is a gift and when it arrives on your doorstep you’ll just know that all you have to do is acknowledge its presence, take the risk of letting it in to your heart and life, embrace it and treat it the way you know how and have faith that the other person with whom you’d share that love will hopefully find the same value in it as you do.

wednesday, june 8, 2011, 10:06 p.m.


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