impromptu fridate

june 3. i was supposed to go to the hospital again to see a gastroenteroogist but i woke up later than i should so i decided to skip the hospital visit for now. my stomach wasn’t acting up when i woke up so i also took that as a good sign.

with nothing to do, i decided to just go to eastwood city with kim. i still have four movie passes that i need to use asap because they’ll be expiring on the 15th. i wanted to watch kung fu panda 2 but it turned out the only movie that accepts passes was insidious. impromptu horror movie date! (me: yay! kim: waaaahhh!!!)

i super enjoyed watching the film. it’s not perfect but it gave me what i wanted to get from it which is of course to be scared. if you love to scream, this is a must-see for you, heh. it also has a haunting effect after (unlike scream 4) so don’t watch if you will be sleeping alone the same night.

before watching the movie, we were just window-shopping for shoes when we spotted the razon’s of guagua at the second floor of the eastwood city walk mall. impromptu halu-halo date, yay!

what i love about the halu-halo at razon’s is the very fine crushed ice. i love that it is also very creamy without being too sweet. and also plus points for the long spoon, heh.

mmmmm… i can’t believe this was only our first halu-halo date this summer! oh wait, it’s june already.


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