they say it takes at least 21 days to form a habit. i’ve been trying to eliminate bad habits and replace them with good ones using my planner’s habit tracker. i always do well for three weeks straight but afterwards, i still can’t let go of my old habits and live with the new ones.

until hyperacidity came along.

it only took me 10 days to forget my addiction to soda, specifically, coke. yesterday, i had my first ever mcdo meal in 10 days and i wasn’t that excited about drinking coke again. i even found myself hesitant to take a sip at first and when i finally did, i realized i don’t remember what coke tastes like anymore. and then i asked for a glass of water instead.

for 10 days, i was also able to give up my morning coffee. and now that i know my tummy is okay (at least for now because it did not react to the coke from yesterday. but i still have to see a gastroenterologist.), i still prefer having milk or chocolate drink for breakfast.

i hope i won’t need another hyperacidity attack or whatever disease in order to stick to these good new habits. aja!


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