happy endings

after reading my previous post on trying to write stories, kim asked me why i started with sad endings. it made me stop and think because i am really on team happy endings. hmmm… so, anyway, this time i tried not to write about sad endings.
exercise no. 2

and there was trisha, waiting and silently praying that ana would really show up. it’s been two years since she last saw her. she’s been trying to reach her (texts, calls, e-mails, social networking sites, etc) but she never got a reply from ana. during those two years, trisha almost felt that she has lost ana but she never gave up.

trisha squinted when she thought she spotted ana from across the street. she watched as the figure walked closer and closer to where she was seated. and then she didn’t realize she was already smiling. ana did show up after all. trisha jumped up from her seat and hugged her.

“i can’t believe it’s you! where have you been?”

“oh, please. let’s just not talk about it. let’s talk about you. so, tell me, are you getting married already?”

and just like that, those two years of hitting a wall didn’t matter to trisha anymore. all that matters now is that ana is back. her friend is back.

“don’t you go hiding anywhere again, okay?”

“hey, you know i will go looking for you, too, right?”

* * *

the totem stopped spinning. #inception

* * *

and they lived happily ever after.


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