my gloomy weekend

and it’s not because of chedeng…

thursday. i’ve been suffering from stomaches since the day before. based on a comparative study involving my colleagues personal experience, i figured i might be suffering from hyperacidity. after taking an antacid after lunch, my tummy was feeling better so i had very little hesitation to eat two slices of pizza and drink a cup of coke for merienda. and then my tummy ached again.

i have a dinner date with my former officemates that night which i cannot miss. so i went and endured the pain. i even ate a little of everything we ordered. an hour before we decided to call it a night, i was not feeling too well already and decided to head to makati medical center’s emergency room. one of my former officemates, liv, was so kind to accompany me. and she stayed with me until i was discharged.

the doctor said i might have gastroesophageal reflux disease or gerd. i was given two types of medicine (one is supposed to regulate the acid production inside my stomach and the other one is for stomache relief) which i will be taking for seven days, after which i have to consult a gastroenterologist.

friday. i was supposed to go to the derma, the dentist and the salon but just like last weekend, i had to do all of them another day. i just stayed in the whole day nursing my sick self. my tummy was aching the whole night before, so i only got a little sleep. i haven’t bought the medicines prescribed by the doctor because i got home from the hospital shortly before midnight already. kim arrived before lunchtime from work and on the way he bought my medicines.

saturday. i slept better compared to the other night so i decided not to stay in this time. my tummy wasn’t aching as much as the past days but i also have headaches due to one of the medicines i am taking. an ache for an ache as i put it. i wonder why the doctor did not bother to tell me that it has a side effect. maybe she expects me to sleep for seven days?

so, anyway, i decided to go to the salon (tony & jackey) first because it is closest to our unit. kim accompanied me even though he still has no sleep coming straight from his night shift. i thought going to the salon would relax me but i made a wrong decision of getting my hair done because it took almost four hours (because i was sales-talked into getting their l’oreal volume rebond package, haha). it would have been fun if i didn’t have head and tummy aches.

i was supposed to go to the derma afterwards but the clinic in glorietta was already closed when we got there. we decided to just have an early dinner at food choices. we ended having savory chicken classics because they have yangchow rice and corn soup which i thought would be safe for me.

at g4 food choices booth, with my doctor/nurse/all-around buddy

we then watched pirates of the carribean 4, which only worsened my head and tummy aches and made kim fall asleep. (it didn’t help that my other seatmate was over reacting at some scenes with matching edging on his seat, flailing his arms and being too noisy. sarap batukan, mehn.) we headed straight home after and i fell asleep early from all the tiredness the whole day.

i hope to feel better by the end of my seven-day medication. please pray for me.


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