sad endings

in my idle moments (e.g. long bus rides), i often find myself writing stories in my head. most of the time, i’d see something or someone or a scene and i’d come up with an ending first.

and i really just get too caught up with the endings that once i have other things to do (e.g. i’ve reached my destination), i would instantly forget about them. so, long story short, i never got to write the other parts of any of my stories (now, those are really short stories, haha).

so, i am trying to compile these snippets in my head right here. and i hope this exercise will help me write a full story someday.

exercise no. 1

she was aboard a bus to meet her boyfriend when she received an sms from him, “where are you?” “along the zigzag road. the traffic is awful,” she replied.

“what bus number are you in?”


“okay, i’m almost there.”

puzzled, she looked out the window and saw the cause of the traffic: a funeral march.

she felt weird. she tried calling the boy’s number but it can no longer be reached.

* * *

it rained hard that night. her husband took out a red duffel bag from their wooden storage room and in it he tossed a windbreaker jacket, a foldable umbrella and his smaller office bag – a man purse as one may call it. he kissed her and headed our for work.

the next morning, she had a breakfast of toast and coffee, took a bath, dressed up and walked to work. alone. and that moment she already knew. her husband had left her for good.


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