our saturdate the 14th

may 14. our simple 119th-monthsary celebration started later in the afternoon because kim, coming from his night shift, had to sleep first. we had an early dinner of slammer burgers and fries and twistix sour cream at glorietta 4’s food choices (a.k.a. the food court).

but first, check out this heart-shaped ma-ling i made for kim’s lunch. these were fried ma-ling strips which i placed on top of each other and then cut using a pancake shaper for a puzzle effect.

kim was a bit snap happy yesterday and insisted to go paparazzi most of the time. alavet, heh. here’s one shot i was totally unaware of. the pair of f21 boots was kim’s monthsary gift to me. thank you, baby!

kim was also very kind to accompany me to the triumph sale (buy one take one!) at sm makati, hihi. thank you, thank you. i also passed by forever 21 and wasn’t able to resist its newly-arrived (i was told so) hello kitty selection.

moving on… for our movie date, we watched scream 4, haha. it wasn’t really scary but there were many jumpy parts so we found ourselves screaming or grabbing each other’s arms for shield most of the time. i think the fact that we were feeling too cold because we had frappes and ice cream before going to the cinema also made as more prone to being jumpy. overall, the movie wasn’t a bit haunting and we just laughed everything off after. fun!

oh, and we bumped into jollibee and ronald mcdonald on our way home.


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