my friday the 13th

may 13. the day started with a smile as i stayed up for midnight to wish my long-time friend a happy birthday on facebook before i finally hit the sack.

diamond peel. i woke up early for an appointment at the zen institute medical spa located at the ground floor of hotel sofitel philippine plaza. i got a p300 deal via ensogo for either a diamond peel or facial session (valued up to p2,100). i chose the former because it is more non-evasive (i.e. no pricking). i set a 10:30 a.m. appointment and i was told to come earlier as my voucher will be forfeited if i don’t make it on time. i was there by 10 a.m. and i was surprised that i was served right away.

i used to go for facials with my former boss and my sister but, as i have expected, my zen institute experience was different. to start with, i felt relaxed already (and in a sosyal kind of way) the moment i stepped into the medical spa’s lobby. the place was beautiful in its calmness and quietness; i felt embarrassed just looking around, haha.

the signage at the back of the information desk read “le spa” so at first i thought i was at the wrong place. the lady asked me if i had a reservation and motioned that i sit for a moment at the waiting area. but my butt had not even warmed on the couch when a medical attendant approached me with a pair of slippers and took my shoes for safekeeping. i was then lead to a room upstairs.

the room was so neat and spacious. in my head, i was like can i stay here overnight? the attendant made me sign a receipt first (for the voucher) and then asked if i was ready to begin. in my head, i was can i take a picture first? haha!

so for the procedure, it was almost the same as when i had microdermabrasion before except that there were no powdery stuff used on my face while peeling. first, my face was cleansed and then massaged with cold cream. and then the diamond peeling begins where i mostly felt my face being sucked. my eyes were closed the whole time so i was not really sure what the instrument used looked like. after 15 minutes or so, the last step was to put moisturizer on my face. et voila!

i really felt the skin on my face was so clean. my face also felt soft and my old pimple scars have flattened. i was told not to wash my face for six hours. she also showed me the dead skin collected. eewww!

even though the session lasted under 30 minutes, i really felt relaxed after. but i still feel bad the place was too sosyal for pictures. i would definitely go back and maybe take pictures once i’ve establish that i’m a regular customer and not some bano first-timer.  >.<

attempted fridate. straight from his night shift, kim accompanied me for my appointment. from zen institute, we headed to sm mall of asia for lunch. we went window-shopping for a while and then browsed through some books at powerbooks. we also played the new street fighter game at power station before deciding to just go home. i can tell kim was trying so hard not to look sleepy. poor boy. my face was also still red from the diamond peeling so it was best for us both to just go home.

house arrest. i decided to stay in for the rest of the day. i did the laundry until it was dinnertime. i made my own version of a “coleslaw” and i cut my right thumbnail in the process of grating a carrot. spell O-U-C-H with a passion. i found myself sobbing friday the 13th while cleaning my thumb and wrapping it with a band aid.

a bad news. i learned via facebook that veteran journalist and professor lourdes simbulan (a.k.a chit estella) died in a car accident in philcoa, quezon city earlier that evening. she was never my professor and i don’t remember if i was able to meet her in person but i know her from the news. her stint with the manila times as managing editor was a landmark in the history of women in journalism.

i also remember miss chit estella as one of the kind editors who accommodated me and my thesis partners when i emailed her a structured questionnaire for our study on the roles of women editors on newspaper gender sensitiveness. i still have our correspondence saved on my email. that’s how thankful i was for her cooperation. rip miss chit estella.


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