as a mother’s day special i am sharing with you my favorite mother-daughter photo to date. taken with my mom’s film camera that has no flash (will check the model when i get home next week. i think it has no batteries, too. so awesome, heh.), this is the only printed copy and it’s been on display since 2009 on my office desk (then at gs and until now here at pdi).

it was my birthday weekend and i was going to enchanted kingdom with kim, my sister and her husband, and my nephew. my nephew and i were taking photos of each other outside our house while waiting for kim when my mom joined us with her camera and asked rajah to take photos of us. “may film pa ito. sayang din. ubusin na natin.” and we did finish the roll. we had several shots together but this one became my instant favorite so i asked for just this one and let her have the rest of the prints. i also took photos of her with my nephew and she took photos of me with my nephew. now you know where i inherited my love for photographs, haha.

one more time, a closer look, hehe.

ang aking ina, mahal kong ina <3

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