the simple life

may 7. i spent the day at our farm to my nephew’s delight, hehe. my dad told me that if i were not there my nephew would have been chasing chickens all afternoon and getting his clothes soiled or having scratches in the process.

if i knew i would be spending the day at the farm beforehand, i would have brought a kite to fly with my nephew or my digicam so we could do a photoshoot with our farm animals and trees. but alas, i didn’t even had time to change into shorts so i could climb trees.

anyway, my nephew and i mostly just exchanged stories while riding our hammock. we had to take turns because our butts touched the ground whenever we tried to ride together, haha.

dad showed me my new pig’s only piglet, which will be fattened enough in time for my niece’s first birthday.

later in the afternoon, while my mom and dad were taking their naps and my nephew was busy playing with my iphone, i was left with nothing to do so i just painted my nails from piña colada

to frosted bliss.

before going home, i wanted to pick some indian mangoes but my mom said they would not be ripe enough until the end of the month.


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