peyups date

april 11. our trips to up always start at philcoa. we arrived in time for lunch so we went straight to ihaw-one, or as it turned out, where it used to be. we were heartbroken to learn that ihaw-one has closed down and was replaced by this sisig place, with a sign on its door that says it is closed from monday to saturday. wth. i should have taken a picture.

anyway, we just settled for mcdonald’s, where i used to “review” with my blocmates, heh.

we then headed to the abelardo hall to buy tickets for live aids 27.

kim’s feet were aching so we were not able to walk around the campus while waiting for 3 p.m. the weather was also acting up – alternating from rainy to sunny. we just went to my beloved college (plaridel hall) to rest. but first, we had kwek-kwek (forgot to take a photo) beside abelardo hall.

and then, it rained…

so, we took shelter under these tambayans:

when the rain stopped, kim spotted an ice cream vendor…

kim fell asleep on my lap shortly after devouring his dirty ice cream, haha. i noticed we don’t have the same hair color. i was born with brown hair (or so i was told) but it gradually darkens while i was growing up (or more appropriately, getting old, haha). when i was of age for application forms, i would always put black for hair color even though salon personnel would tell me my hair is brown. and then all it took was this photo to convince me, haha.

after witnessing a few more rainy-sunny moments, the time for a dose of laughters finally came. we watched last year’s performance and super enjoyed it so we can’t help but compare the satisfaction we felt after watching this year’s show.

this year was one long “musical” skit, which surprised us. last year’s show had several skits (showtime, avaklers, house of coco chanel) and some monologues in between so we expected the same format. while watching this year’s performance, we were waiting and waiting and waiting for the wizard of oz story line to end so we could move on to another skit, which we had hoped to be funnier. the wizard of oz ended and so did the whole show. we were shocked.

but this is not to say that this year’s show was a complete disappointment. we still found ourselves laughing. we loved the wicked witch and shalami. i guess we were just expecting more. the tickets price went up after all.

anyway, after the show, kim’s feet were feeling better so we walked to mang larry’s isawan. we passed by these trees on our way and i just had to photograph those pink flowers.

we had twenty isaw-baboy sticks. we pretended to be freshmen students having our first isaw date along the sidewalks of kalayaan residence hall now called the kalaywood, haha.

because it rained many number of times throughout the day, we were discouraged to end our up date at the sunken garden like we used to. we just headed to gateway so we can spend more time together before kim goes to work. i love these butterfly decors at the mall.

we passed by bread talk and even though we were still full from all the isawness we had, we just found the bread irresistible.

i forgot what they are called but all these bread treats are delicious! the first one is highly recommended.


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