my lazy friday

april 8. kim and i were supposed to go to up diliman but i was feeling under the weather so i just stayed in the whole day. (i would later find out that the live aids was not set to start showing until the next day so it was a blessing in disguise that our up day trip did not push through that friday, haha.)

locked in our unit, naturally, i just had to do the laundry to kill time, heh. that was, of course, after hoarding as much sleep as i could.

after the laundry is done, i was able to finish reading this book by haruki murakami. it was open-ended and full of every weird thing you can not imagine possible as expected and somehow, i think these were the same reasons why i was drawn to murakami’s works.

the book left me feeling sad. i just can’t get over this imagery of a man whose last memories of his wife were the smell of cologne that came from someone else behind her ears and the white of her back as he zipped her dress up that summer morning she left and never came back.

later that night, kim and i went to dencio’s at metrowalk for cy’s birthday celebration. it was nice spending a few hours with friends talking about… what did we talk about again? haha. anyway, the day was capped off with ancient alien theories (with kim, kate and drea) throughout our cab ride home. i wonder what the cab driver was thinking the whole time, haha.

hmmm… i guess last friday was more weird than lazy, haha.


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