april 4. before i headed home to batangas for the feast of st. vincent ferrer, kim and i had dinner at  eastwood city walk (near kim’s office because he had to go straight to work after).

we’ve been willing ourselves to try new food places this year. you may have already noticed how we liked dining in the same restaurants (especially during our monthsaries) and it’s not really a bad thing because we all have favorites at some point, right? but we just thought of getting out of our comfort food zones for a while and maybe find new favorites in the process (we did find bonchon!).

we ended up at stackers. i found mixed reviews (or “tips”) on foursquare but most of the negative ones were on the service so we still agreed to try the food. but the service we got wasn’t bad at all. beginner’s luck?

we both had the buffalo chicken sandwich with fries and coke and generally, we were satisfied. the dressing used on the sandwich was yummy but for a chicken sandwich, i’d still go to bonchon (best chicken chops ever!), hehe. also, we think the serving size (i wasn’t able to finish my sandwich) was right for the price. (tip: due to the size, eating the sandwich can be messy so use a knife or try wrapping the sandwich gyro-style like we did.)

i also find the store cute with the wooden (with metal frames) tables and chairs (but we occupied one of the two booths, which also had a wooden table).


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