my weekend in bullets

• t.v. series marathon: one tree hill, hellcats and gossip girl.
• last friday, i met up with my nephew at trinoma and he charmed me into treating him at timezone because he topped his class. he made me play this game that involved throwing plastic balls on a screen. my right arm still hurts right now.
• that i night, i slept over at my sister’s house in montalban, rizal to help edit her masteral thesis.
• also last friday, i started a food journal where i take note of every thing i ate and drank each day. this is to keep track of my poor eating habits.
• yesterday, kim treated me to a bonchon dinner. our short saturdate was even cut shorter due to my terrible headache. he had to take me home right after we finished eating.
• i was able to catch up with my reading. only 100 pages left until i finish the wind-up bird chronicle. woohoo!!!
• i painted my nails this morning. i think i am getting better with the painting part but i still have to work on the waiting for the nail polish to dry part. i loved how i did with my toes but i was not patient enough to wait for my fingernails to dry so i just have to re-do them tomorrow.


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