fridate and saturdate

march 25. after lunch, i asked kim to accompany me on my bank duties. we didn’t have any plans other than that so after, we just went mall-hopping as usual to avoid the summer heat. oh yes, summer might have just arrived for real.

first, we had merienda at food choices in glorietta 4. we were so happy to have secured a booth, hehe. i had go greek’s chicken gyro, while kim had a bacon hotdog sandwich from smokey’s.

we then made a mistake of dropping by zara because i ended up walking out with a bag of goodies again. i also got sales talked into applying for a citi gold card, haha. anyway, i don’t think i’ll get approved and i got a canvass shopping bag just for signing up. i just tell myself at least i helped the sales lady with her quota.i got a cute pair of shorts (from the kid’s section, haha), a floral you & me top and a top kim picked for me.

i was thinking if this can count as my second shopping spree for the year because i didn’t spend as much as i did on the first one. kim suggested that i revise my mission of having only two shopping sprees a year into spending x amount of money for shopping because the goal behind the mission after all is to cut off my shopping expenses. good point. i declared a p10,000 shopping fund right there and then. after a thorough computation, i found out i have spent p8,955 in the past three months alone (all spent on zara merchandise. surprise, surprise.). that means the amount left on my shopping fund now amounts to p1,045 only. so now i know. i definitely have to stop shopping until christmas. i will be saving my remaining balance for a pair of shoes, haha.

we capped off our fridate with a bonchon dinner. we shared ginger tofu salad with chicken add-on and spicy chicken chops with rice. we loved the salad. you should try it!

march 26. over lunch with my research siblings after attending the pdieuc general assembly, schatzi gave me two passes for cinemas in market!market! and then i found out i got four more passes (valid in eastwood cinemas) for attending daydesk meetings, yay! (i gave schatzi two of the eastwood tickets in exchange for the market!market! passes she gave me.)

the catch: the passes are valid until march 30 (eastwood) and 31 (market!market!) only. so after lunch, i tagged kim along to market!market! for an impromptu movie date at market!market! before his work. we didn’t know what movies were on so we just decided when we got there. films showing were sucker punch (the poster was visually appealing), limitless (which i later found out was getting good reviews), that sarah-gerald movie and rango (which we’ve seen already).

we ended up watching sucker punch. kim and i agreed that it has potential. it was visually delicious, even reminding us of final fantasy, but it failed to build its characters and solidify it’s plot (if at all there was a plot to speak of). /reviewattempt

of course, our movie date would not be complete without an nyfd fix.

after the movie, kim dropped me off at greenbelt, where i was meeting up with my sister to work on her thesis, and then headed to work. when my sister arrived we went straight to business and i dealt with 120 short stories written mostly by 10-year-olds. i had to evaluate their originality, creativity and their command of the english language (grammar, punctuation, spelling).

my day officially ended at midnight when i got home and transformed back into, thankfully, not a cinderella but a sleeping beauty, chos! but i swear if i had a grandfather’s clock it would have made that scary sound the moment i opened my unit’s door. good thing i don’t have one.

p.s. i’ve been using this montager app to make photo collages on my iphone for a week now and i love it. it’s fun, easy-to-use and free (the pro version goes for us$1.99)! you’re welcome.


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