117th-monthsary week

march 14. we were not able to celebrate due to our conflicting schedules and health issues but we still took a 7:38 p.m. photo. we agreed to just do something together on the days that followed whenever we can. i fell asleep after a few episodes of greek and fringe.

march 15. we had a quick dinner at piadina italiana in greenbelt 1 before kim went to work. we just passed by the resto and it was not crowded so we thought of giving it a try. the food was reasonably priced and i loved the grissini di pizza or garlic bread sticks with “special” cheese dip.

after dinner, kim walked me to the jeepney terminal and having a few more minutes to spare, we thought of going to the nearby ayala triangle garden. we just walked around and talked while joggers passed us by. when we got tired, we sat down near the ayala exchange tower and ended up talking about soulmates, heh. by 7:30 p.m., i was on my way home while kim headed to work.

march 17. kim was on day-off so after my shift we watched rango at glorietta 4. we both had dinner when we met so we didn’t have to eat out (read: broke, haha). we just had nyfd fries and dip with us during the movie.

march 18. kim thought we drop by lipa town proper on our way to our respective provincial homes. and we literally walked down the memory lane, passing by places we used to frequent when we were in high school (o naalala mo nung iniwan mo ako dito…) and early part of college (o di ba dito tayo nagkikita?). we then saw this new (to us, at least) graciano’s pizza & pasta restaurant near lipa cathedral and we just had to give it a try. the chicken and spaghetti were done shakey’s style but the pizza was too sweet for our taste.


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