wednesdate with the girls

march 16. i so miss my gs gehls. i’ve seen them just last night but i can’t wait to see them again on monday already. this must be love! we had dinner at cibo in greenbelt 5. we shared two orders of pasta, one oval pizza, potato chips, spinaci gola, three desserts and one fruit shake each. superbusog!!!kudos to gerlie for the 50-percent deal she got from here.

on moments when our mouths were not full (we had gmrc in grade school, y’all!), we talked about gerlie’s love life (of course!), the best online deals, facials, bras on sale, showbiz chismis, part-time jobs, annoying persons and recent happenings in each other’s lives. how i wish we could do this every day over lunch like our good old gs days…


4 thoughts on “wednesdate with the girls

  1. fun, fun, fun, fun! alabshoo gels to beets! p.s. ang awkward ko sa last photo, haha. can you please email to me our other photos? :D

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