my first bookswap

march 12. after bonchon dinner with kim, i headed to starbucks 6750 in ayala for a bookswap with kate, drea, eliza and kat. it was my first time to join them and i brought only one book (here on earth by alice hoffman) just because i was sure someone (drea) is interested in that book. one of my fears was that nobody would like to borrow my books, ha-ha-ha!

drea, moi and kat were the first ones to arrive. hats off to drea for securing seats for everyone as early as 6 p.m. hardcore (or to match the night’s theme, should i say hardbound? heh.) lang e!

while waiting for the rest of the group, the three of us mostly just admired each other’s painted nails, hihi. drea’s was bluish green, mine was purple punch (by caronia) while kat’s was purple, which later had bluish green dots painted by drea.

kate and eliza (with her boyfriend jaykie) arrived shortly after 9 p.m.

and the book-swapping began almost instantly. drea lent me four books. wish me the best of luck in finishing them within the year, ha-ha-ha!

after exchanging books, we camwhored, played with jaykie’s ipad, talked about inception, weird dreams, night-shift work and other random stuff that are not related to the books we read, hah! okay, maybe we did talk about books, a little, heh. then i suggested we play a game to involve our books. you know that ask the book thing? each player will randomly grab a book and then anyone can ask a question and instruct the others to turn to page x and read line number x to answer the question. one question that came out that night was “what is your destiny?” and from the book i was holding, i forgot which one, i got “marriage and motherhood.” pwedeee!

oh, and then there was this super friendly kid that might have been lured to our circle because we looked like we were having so much fun (and we did! mostly because of the answers eliza was getting from her book during the game, ha-ha-ha!).

and so i now hereby declare my first bookswap experience a success!


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