walking, bonchon, shopping, tv series marathon

kim and i might have just developed a new addiction over the weekend. on friday and saturday, we found ourselves taking afternoon walks from v.a. rufino street corner chino roces avenue to the bonchon store in greenbelt 1.

for two consecutive nights we had bonchon’s chicken chops sandwich with fries and coke meal for dinner.

after our bonchon dinner on friday, kim accompanied me to the globe telecom branch in greenbelt 4. i was finally able to have my postpaid plan changed. for more than two years now, i’ve been on the very outdated plan 1599 which only include 40 hours of free internet surfing and 350 texts. so i figured it really is a time for a cool change, heh. i availed of the unlimited surfing (p999) and texting (p399) package. i also had my sim upgraded.

earlier, on our way from bonchon to globe, we naturally passed by greenbelt 5 and i just had to stop by zara. i just wanted to take a look, i told kim. but i walked out with a pretty bag that i got for p995.

and then, from globe, i thought of going to the gift section of landmark. just to take a look, i told kim. but then i ended up buying some cuteness again, heh. kim and i also got matching planners for next year. future kung future, ha-ha-ha! i got myself another planner for any year in the future, ha-ha-ha. it’s just too cute not to take home. and it’s pink!

after that, we headed back (walked again from landmark to chino roces) and pigged out on potato chips and coke while watching the latest episodes of the big bang theory and how i met your mother.

earlier on saturday, kim and i went grocery shopping (primarily because i ran out of mayonnaise for my honey mustard potato chips dip, heh). after that, i made some dip and then we watched the latest episodes of chuck and the vampire diaries.


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