bonjour, monsieur!

i woke up early this morning so i thought of surprising kim with a spam and egg breakfast. his work shift has just been adjusted to 10p-7a last sunday so we make it a point to have breakfast together before i go to my 10a-7p work. i, however, had to eat my breakfast ahead of him this morning because he rendered an hour of ot work.
armed with a heart-shaped pancake shaper i bought from saizen some weeks ago, i made my first ever heart-shaped fried egg and it turned out just fine, yay! in my excitement, i forgot to cut the spam and shape the rice into hearts too for more love love love, heh.

je présent…

aimez-vous manger mon coeur pour le petit déjeuner?

p.s. excuse my imperfect french. i have this weird desire to speak in french when i’m super happy or excited.


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