summer kick-off

march 5. i planned to stay away from the sun this summer (notice how my missions 2011 list did not include “more beaching,” which has been part of my annual missions since 2007.) because i still have to lose the tan lines i’ve taken home for souvenirs from previous beach trips. (also, kim and i are saving up for some major major expenses this year.) but how can i resist a beach getaway with my girl friends? i know. i can’t.

so last saturday with a pocketful of prayers for sunshine we headed to la luz beach resort in laiya, san juan, batangas for a day of sun, sand and sea fix. day tours go for p750, which includes entrance fee, buffet lunch, afternoon snack and free use of beach chairs, cabanas, restrooms and dining pavilion.

of course, i packed light:

in my bag, what’s in yours?

we arrived at the resort before 10 a.m. we got just the right amount of sunshine (perfect for people who don’t need any more tan lines a.k.a. me, me, me!). sure, the shore has more pebbles than sand but it’s not really a problem unless you are so into making sandcastles and stuff. the sea has a shallow snorkeling area just a few steps from the shore (perfect for those who can’t brave the open sea for a peek of batangas marine life a.k.a. me, me, me!).

but mostly, i just enjoyed napping in between people-watching from one of the beach chairs by the shore.

but i see only you <3

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