my first fun run

i once had a dream of becoming a runner ala-lydia de vega. i was in grade school but our p.e. teacher told me i wasn’t fast enough. i was drafted into the volleyball varsity team instead. /dream

this morning, i was reminded of that dream when i joined a fun run for the first time. it was company-sponsored (free for employees!) as part of the inquirer’s 25th anniversary. i signed up for the 3k run, enticed mainly by the singlet, haha.

my race kit

i was up by 4 a.m. but i was able to drag myself to the bathroom 30 minutes later. i didn’t have time for breakfast because our call time was 5 a.m. so i just had coffee.

see the moon?

so with no breakfast and a little over three hours of sleep, this little girl covered a distance of three kilometers within 19 minutes. not bad, huh? :D

this stride tracker makes me feel 10 times cooler, heh.

here be our before and after photos. parang hindi pinagpawisan ah! ;P

after (photo by almacenes reales)

* * *
february 28 edit: my official time and overall rank: 00:18:53 | 66 via pacebook.

my active moment :))

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