friday-off, saturdate

february 25. two weeks ago, one of kim’s days off fell on a saturday. this week, it fell on a friday, which is also one of my rest days from work. yay!

so what to do to make the most of this rare occasion? first, we had lunch at mcdonald’s, heh. then we headed to the inquirer exhibit at sm north annex. after that, we just went mall-hopping for exercise, ha-ha-ha! from sm north (the block, main, the annex) to trinoma to market!market to serendra and then finally, bonifacio high street.

we spent most of our time at saizen, japan home and muji, ha-ha-ha! i was able to find polymer clay. too bad saizen in sm north have them in yellow and green only. kim was very happy with his new P85-wallet from saizen too.

february 26. to cap off my month-long birthday celebration, i waited for kim to be off from work and then i treated him to dinner at kenny rogers roasters in sm mall of asia. we had baby back ribs and grilled chicken fillet. over dinner we talked about kim’s first birthday with me as his girl friend. he treated me at kenny’s in lipa bus stop. that branch was closed down years ago, haha.

after dinner, we headed to the seaside boulevard for the 2nd philippine international pyromusical competition. that night’s competitors were china and french republic. we got our gold tickets (P200 each) at the tanduay booth. we got two bottles of whiskey for freebies, haha.

here is a collage of some of my fireworks shots:

this one is my favorite:

my own pink galaxy where it’s spring every day <3

we had fun all right but gahd it’s so hard to find a ride home after. it’s like half of the people in metro manila were there that night. the show was done by 9:30 p.m. but we were able to squeeze ourselves into a multicab around 11:30 already. that was also the time i suddenly thought of asking kim for his phone and we found out he lost it. kim was really sad because that phone was a birthday gift from me and it just turned exactly six months old yesterday. i tried comforting him by reminding him it’s just a cheap phone anyway (P2,000/six months/30 days = P11.12 rental per day, haha). but he’s still sad. he wants to give me money and buy him the same model. i hope he gets over it very soon.


2 thoughts on “friday-off, saturdate

  1. ching, ahwww… thanks for always dropping by my own little world, hehe. i also enjoy visiting your blog and admiring your photos. :)

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