teenage dream

february 17. for my late birthday celebration with my angels, i treated them to the up fair. i really missed going to the fair and while we were there i really felt like i just got off from class and headed to the sunken garden. oh, yeah, to be a student again for a night!

first, kim and i had dinner at one of the burger stands (because all the ihaw stands were packed). a hamburger is pegged at P30 and an order of cheese-flavored french fries goes for P30, too. and we still have to buy our drinks ala carte. who says ‘street food’ or a student meal is cheap? it’s even more expensive than mcdonald’s! anyway, the food tasted good so i’ll stop complaining right now.

and then, we had ice scramble! happiness!

we then headed back to the concert grounds, laid out our newspapers and sat indian style. et voila! we’d pass as college students, right? where is vinzon’s hall, again? ah, i don’t know… perhaps we can look for it together? hahaha.

and then, we parteyyy!!! kamikazee started its set with martyr nyebera, while parokya ni edgar’s first song was halaga. what’s up with that? :))

and went all the way (a.k.a tried a perya ride)–no regrets, just love. to living on the edge, y’all!

of course, we also had to try the perya games! isa won a bite-size pack of nagaraya, while i got a piece of cloud 9! not bad at all. :P

parokya ni edgar’s bonus performance of ordertaker with kamikazee made my night.

a youthful night indeed. here’s to being young forever!


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