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february 14. i usually plan our monthsary dates but on very rare occasions kim would volunteer to take care of everything. and he did for this year’s 116th/10th heart’s day celebration.

i think he’s getting good at making surprises (remember the surprise cake he got me on my birthday?). last night, aside from that we’ll be having a french dinner, he didn’t give any clues no matter how many times i asked.

he picked me from work, hailed a cab and told the driver to drop us off at rockwell power plant mall. i later found out he reserved a table for a sit-down dinner at chef jessie, which is not inside the mall but at the rockwell club beside the mall. we arrived just in time for our 7:38 p.m. photo.

this is the first time that kim took me to a dinner like this (too pricey, i think). to be fair to chef jessie, everything was tasty in a sophisticated kind of way. kim and i, however, agreed the ambiance was so-so and was saved only by the great instrumental playlist.

but no matter, my man turned out to be very determined to sweep me off my feet last night. so it was really not about the place or the food or the gifts. it’s all about celebrating love, right?

in between the food being served, we exchanged letters. when he asked me what i wanted for heart’s day, i told him he doesn’t have to buy me flowers. i just want a letter. (when we were inside the cab he told me he didn’t have time to write the letter and handed me a domo stuffed toy.) i let kim read my letter first. i don’t know what’s funny and at the same time tear-jerky about it. remind me to ask for that letter later.

kim’s letter, on the other hand, was very overwhelming. it was different from all the letters i’ve received from him throughout our relationship. i was reading through the start of the second paragraph when i felt my heart swelling… my vision became blurry and tears started flowing from my eyes. good thing i have the camera beside me so kim wasn’t able to take a photo of me crying (and at the same time trying to laugh to stop myself from crying). he showed me a different side of him through that letter and at the same time he showed me that even though we always feel like we’re in a day-old relationship, we’ve really gone a long way. i was crying until the very end of the letter; i didn’t care if some people stared. “time can make us old and weary, but this thing between us will keep us young and live forever. i believe and will always believe.” 

how a letter like that can be attributed to “after watching the rite,” as mentioned on the opening paragraph of his letter, baffles me. i wonder what his letter could have turned out if we decided to watch 127 hours instead. typed neatly on a plain bond paper, his words, strung together, became a blanket of security that embraces me. why that thought always makes me cry, i’m not sure. maybe after all this time it still amazes me that someone could really love me that much. too much.

kim handed me domo to cheer me up. not that i really needed a picker-upper. i was actually very high that’s why i was crying. ahhh, to be so loved…

my first gift for him was also a domo merchandise. blame our inseparable moment while gift-shopping last saturday. kim also got me a bag from mango. he said this one is a date bag (as his gift to me last christmas was an office bag). i got him a pen tablet in a flexible design. i’ve seen him eyeing a more expensive version at power mac but i know he’ll enjoy this one from cdr-king for now.

a picture or it never happened, lol.

when i got home, there was a baby plant waiting for me. this was my birthday wish. i took a photo of it this morning.


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