february 12. for the first time this year, one of kim’s days off fell on a saturday, which is also one of my rest days from work.

we had breakfast together and then he cooked lunch for me. after lunch, we went to the mall and got each other gifts for tomorrow. we initially planned on shopping separately but we turned out inseparable. it was our first chance of spending a whole day together this year after all. in an effort to leave room for surprise, we closed our eyes or turn away once the other is set to buy the gift, haha. we also made a deal to wrap the gifts first and put off exchanging gifts until tomorrow.

anyway, it also turned out to be an extended birthday celebration for me because kim treated me to dinner at bonchon. we went to starbucks after and did a little planning-our-life session over free tall frappes courtesy of hsbc. of course, there was camwhoring involved in between brainstorming and stuff, hahaha.and then he treated me to a movie. it was a close fight between 127 hours and the rite. but in the end, we agreed to see the latter because we are both anthony hopkins fans.

so far, we are so close <3

on our way home, we noticed it was almost a fullmoon. kim tried to take a photo of it with me as background, hahaha.


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