my birthday weekend

february 2. picture me in a semi-schoolgirl outfit literally running late from my unit to the office. yes, that was how my day started, haha. anyway, it took me roughly two minutes so i think i should join a fun run, haha.

taken later that night by kim :)

later in the afternoon, i bought two boxes of pan pizza and my research family was happy.

spot the difference

after work, kim took me to a movie date. we watched tangled in 3d, which we both loved (especially for that boating moment while watching flying lanterns. we’re now dreaming of flying lanterns for our wedding, hihi). and of course we had nyfd fries while watching (nomnomnom, i missed this).

entangled :))

february 3. happy birthday to me! i was on birthday leave so i took this day slowly and surely. on my to-do list: banking duties, manipedi, dental check-up and brow threading. but because i wanted to just relax that day (a.k.a. was feeling lazy or i think i owe myself some deserved rest), i was able to accomplish the first two items only (there’ll be time for the other two tomorrow, i thought).

birthday girl ;)

at around 5 p.m. i heard noises outside my door and i really held my breath, almost anticipating something out of the ordinary to happen. what exactly, i don’t know but i just felt like that. i guess i’ve been watching too much fringe and chuck and stuff. so anyway, it became silent for a few seconds and then there was a knock on my door. it was kim’s signature knock so i was relieved.

when i opened the door, kim started singing the happy birthday song and in his arms was a goldilocks (how thoughtful) rocky road cake.

on the cake: to my one and only <3

i was really touched because kim is really not a man of surprises. he usually ends up telling me of his supposed surprises for me. i’m thinking he thought of this at the last minute that’s why he didn’t have time to tell me about it beforehand, haha. well, he said he thought of giving me a cake because i didn’t have one last sunday when we celebrated my birthday with my family. a birthday ain’t a birthday without a birthday cake, right?

because i was so touched i treated him to dinner at krazy garlik in greenbelt 5.

he’s crazy and i’m a garlic :))

complimentary kimchi was served. then we had baba ghanoush before moving on to spaghetti aglio olio and then garlic lovers pizza.

nomnomnom :9

i like it how their tableware comes in uncommon shapes.

after stuffing ourselves with garlic, hehe, we went shopping at zara. i wasn’t planning to but that’s how my shopping spree go ever since. when i plan on shopping i can’t find anything to buy and when i don’t plan to shop i end up buying so much! one shopping spree down, only one more to go for this year (part of my missions 2011) and it’s only february. wish me luck!!!

february 4. finally pushed through with visiting the dentist. the dentist said my teeth are still okay so no need for cleaning. three of my teeth, however, needed light cures, including the one that ached terribly last week and gave me a headache.

after an hour of saying ahhhh, i went to browhaus to try brow threading for the first time. it wasn’t as painful as other netizens made me expect it to be. in fact, i enjoyed it so much i wished i had more brows to thread, haha. plucking my brows on my own turned out more painful.

having accomplished the fourth and last item on my two-day to-do list, i went home to freshen up and prepare for dinner with my gs gehls at il ponticello.

normal/wacky :))

they got me two neil gaiman books and bob ong’s new book. i am so happy!

another surprise cake! another candle to blow! another wish! yay!

a piece of the most sinful cake :9

we thought there’d be dancing at ponti that night but around 11 the place still wasn’t happening so mica brought us to casa nami surf pub, which is owned by her friend. we heard two bands play rock music. once in a while a customer would volunteer to sing and tissue papers were handed to the lead singer for requests and greetings.

we retired early, around 12:30 a.m. i brought leng home with me and we chatted until 530ish in the morning before finally succumbing to sleep.

february 5. leng and i woke up around 8 a.m. i made coffee and offered her bread pan, haha, and chatted some more over breakfast. stories really never run out between friends. i saw her off by 930 a.m., i think.

i wanted to catch more z’s but there was a pile of dishes and clothes to wash so i had to pull my butt out of bed and do my house chores. i was already done within an hour and was about to resign on my bed again when my cousin aiza texted me to meet her at sm mall of asia. now na because someone wanted to meet you, she said. i know i had to go back to the dentist that afternoon because one of the light cures newly-installed yesterday had a sharp side that scratches my cheek every time (and it sure hurts a lot!) but thinking that someone who wanted to meet me could be her jeddah-based sister ate jing who i haven’t seen in years, i said okay and cancelled my dental appointment (even though she had told me she won’t be visiting home until april).

and yes, it turned out to be ate jing! she gave me a birthday present and treated me to lunch at gerry’s grill with her friends. after that we met up with her other sister sharrie and their mother tita sherly at a beauty salon in pasig near aiza’s apartment. we went to robinson’s galleria for dinner.

after the others have left for home, aiza and i spent the rest of the night chatting over coffee while i wait for her to be off for work at 11 p.m.

camwhoring with cuz aiza :))

kim picked me up from galle and then treated me to a late dinner (because he hasn’t eaten yet) at north park. i was too sleepy already so after eating we headed straight for home.

a tiring but fun-filled birthday weekend. thank you, universe.

kung hei fat choi ;P

2 thoughts on “my birthday weekend

  1. happy birthday, bebi lab! (haha, ayaw tumigil sa pag-greet!) that picture of you and kim at krazy garlic is so kyot! so is the last one, haha! at pang-japanese schoolgirl outfit ang mga shinopping ha! love! :) – leng

  2. leng, greetings galore, i love it! :)) and thanks for the nth time! ;Pnag-enjoy nga ako sa pagiging garlic at obvious naman feel na feel ni kim maging crazy, shopping: pwedeee. ang iniisip ko nun e korean kasi yung blouse parang uniform sa tony & jackey! hahaha.super love ko yung boots. nakakita ako nun sa hk kaso walang size ko. meant to be kami, hehehe.

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