a good start

february 1. it felt like springtime on this february morning. i woke up really early because i planned to have my nails done. but alas, my lazy self took hold of me and i decided to just play dress up to start my birth month pretty, hehe. i ended up all dolled up early for my shift, hihi.

i texted kate (my friendly neighborhood, haha) to ask what time she would be off for work and she said just about now and then i told her let’s go together. after a few minutes there was a knock-knock on my door and when i opened it, she handed me this early birthday gift. i opened it at the office and inside was this sign language alphabet stamp set. i’ll sure have fun with these, kate and drea! thanks so much!

angels’ night. because we were not able to meet up for january we pretended it was still january, haha. we had desserts at maitre chocolatier and then grabbed some drinks at the nearby whistlestop. it was a night of catching up and making plans of things to do and places to go to together. girl friends are love, love, love and fun, fun, fun!


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