monday sickness

maybe yesterday was all but a dream, a bad bad dream.

how i endured that toothache overnight and had to call in sick for work yesterday morning when i was greeted by the toothache (as though it just slept and woke up with me) accompanied with a headache (maybe the toothache dreamed the headache into life). and that i only had P80 left in my wallet discouraged me to go to the dentist because that money would not be enough even just for fare (i have also foreseen getting hungry while i wait for my turn at the clinic so yes P80 just won’t do).

so i just stayed in with the boyfriend (designated doctor/nurse). i carefully brushed my teeth after meals and gargled listerine every so often and took dolfenal (good thing i always keep a jar of medicines at home) every six hours.

things were looking up until i ate fruits for dinner and for unknown reasons my nose, throat and ears started to itch and the boyfriend pointed out that my cheeks were swelling. because the boyfriend had been sick the previous week, i discovered i had given him all my antihistamine except for a benadryl. so i had to take the benadryl in lieu of virlix (my most trusted antihistamine).

and then my eyes also begun to itch and swell. i was panicking already so the boyfriend decided now there’s no reason not to go to the hospital. we were already out walking and debating whether we should take a taxi or the jeepney when i thought about the P80 in my wallet and then suddenly i stopped panicking (funny but true!).

and as i begun to relax, i felt the warm sensation around my eyes to fade. so i told the boyfriend that i am feeling better already and there’s no need to go to the doctor. for now. we agreed to head to the hospital if my eyes’ condition worsen within an hour. thankfully, things turned better, save for a tummyache during bedtime (which i think was due to all the stress the whole day).

oh to be poor and sickly. i can just imagine the less fortunates and i feel lucky that was all i had to endure yesterday. and today is pay day so yes, indeed, i am feeling even better now.

also, i was able to watch charlie st. cloud (what a tearjeaker!) and do a smallville season 10 marathon with the boyfriend yesterday. he also taught me his patty recipe. now that’s the happy side of it all. let’s focus on that, almi.

tuesday, please be kinder. ktnxbye.


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