first monthsary of the year

january 14, 2011 marked our 115th month as boyfriend-girlfriend. kim had only three hours of sleep that day, coming from a night shift at work, but that did not stop him from celebrating with me.

we watched little fockers at eastwood mall’s ultra 7 cinema. the theater has purple lazy boy seats and the P400-ticket includes popcorn and drinks. once seated, a personnel will ask you to choose what popcorn flavor (plain, cheese or barbecue) and drinks (pepsi products) you’d like. overall, the experience was very comfortable and also much enjoyable because we watched a funny film.

after that, we went window shopping at eastwood mall and city walk until dinnertime. i think we toured the place a couple of times and we both think it wouldn’t be much fun shopping there due to the size and number of stores.

we ate at pasto cafe & bar because i’ve always wanted to have kim try the food there. a former boss introduced me to the pasto branch at paseo center along paseo de roxas in makati. i forgot what we ordered then which i also planned on introducing to kim. anyway, we just had these equally delicious food that kim picked from the menu:

spinaci e feta

we dined in early so we had more time to think about our props for this month’s 7:38 p.m. photo:

math is love :))

in july 2010, kim promised to get me one set of stick-on notes each month once he gets a new job when he saw how i loved the ones in fully booked. last friday night, he started fulfilling that promise and made me sooo happy with this domo stick-on note set.


we parted ways around 9:30 p.m., after having vanilla ice cream at a nearby mini-stop. i headed home to the province while kim went to work again (10 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift, poor boy).


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