a weekend of a pesoless girl

i spent my days off practically inside our makati unit to save money (i.e. no temptations to eat out or buy unnecessary stuff). i just went out on friday night for a short meet with a friend at cash & carry (after dropping by my neighbor kate’s doorstep, which earned me this.)

for two days, i cooked all my meals and washed the dishes. i have experimented on different ways of cooking spaghetti noodles, making do with the available ingredients in the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. all recipes turned out yummy.

i did the laundry and folded and organized them inside the cabinet as soon as they were all dry. i have to reorganize again and again because i wash my clothes by batch according to color, and arrange them in the cabinet by sleeve type and then by color.

i swept the floor every now and them. i just realized how much dust and how many fallen hair strands accumulate in our unit every hour.

i changed the sheets. made some jewelry pieces for selling. repaired my badge ring, yay! kept the tamagotchi full and happy. exercised (just some stretching). and read a few chapters of the wind-up bird chronicle by haruki murakami.

without a doubt, i had a very productive *and cheap* weekend.


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