how i spent my new year 2011

as usual, we had our media noche 30 minutes before midnight so we can do the countdown and jump and watch the fireworks outside. it has also been a tradition in our family to at least light some sparklers.

new year’s day is also reserved for the annual mercado clan reunion. this year, we gathered at my grandmother’s house. i can’t remember the last time we held our reunion there. the house got lonely, and almost abandoned, since our nanay (what we call our grandmom) died in 1994.

my relatives started coming in around 10 in the morning. everyone expected to attend have all arrived by noon. the eating, singing and stories started almost instantly and at the same time and did not stop until it was time for each family to head back to their own homes (which made me miss those times when we were younger and nanay is still alive and all of us sleep over during holidays.)

we held a videoke group competition for the first time (in lieu of our tradition of shooting hoops for aguinaldo). we also revived our tradition of watching a metro manila film fest entry together. my cousins and i watched ang tanging ina.

after the movie, we gathered in one corner of the mall and made an on-the-spot bunutan for our 30-minute gift-shopping challenge. we exchanged gifts back at our nanay‘s house (well, after stuffing ourselves with leftovers for the last time, hehe).

more photos here (for facebook friends only).


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