last four days

here’s a rundown of how i spent the last days of my 2010–
december and i had our regular year-end hair trim at tony & jackey in buendia. after getting a new do, we headed to eastwood and i ended up reading the wind-up bird chronicle by haruki murakami over merienda at krispy kreme while kim played with my iphone.

after that, we went to bonifacio high street to check out muji. we loved the store and ended up buying a set of fabric crayons. i also got a 0.25 point pink pen, correction pen and eyelash curler rubber pads. we spent the rest of the night at fully booked and naturally, i went home with a bag of stick-on notes and bookmarks.

december 29.
after a very lazy morning, i hauled my ass out of the house for a mani-pedi at a neighborhood salon. i had my nails painted blue.

after that, kim and i went to rockwell. it was our first time there and amazingly, the first restaurant we saw was our favorite california pizza kitchen so we just had our dinner there.

and then we found ourselves at the newly-opened muji store, which has a more-varied selection. i bought a small notepad, pencil case, earplugs and lint remover, while kim got a sketch notebook (i caught him smiling happily to himself while looking at it, haha).

december 30.
it rained hard that day but it didn’t stop us from going to quiapo. kim was insistent and persistent in finding a wealth-attracting chinese figurine. our search was successful. we found a jambala fit for the bill. kim gave it to his mom for their lomi business. after that we headed to ibaan, batangas for the fiesta celebration there. we went to the perya (carnival) after dinner and tried our luck in the color game. we stopped betting after winning P200.

today (december 31).
kim helped me prepare the table for media noche at our house while my parents were at the farm. we also had to do a last-minute grocery shopping later in the afternoon because my mom forgot to buy some stuff. as of writing, everything is all set except for the barbecue.
measure your 2010 in love <3


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