how i spent my christmas 2010

i had work both on the eve and day of christmas. but eventhough i did not spend these two days the way i wanted to, i can say that i still enjoyed my christmas as best as i possibly could.

on christmas eve, i sang “we wish you a merry christmas” with my christmas research teammates kate and schatzi. easy you say? well, we sang while eating goldilocks polvoron. you are very much free to try it yourself, hehe. as if doing it wasn’t embarrassing enough, we even had one of our friends, julie, to film us (video here, for facebook friends only)!

oh but did we have so much fun! no regrets!

we were able to be off from work by 6:30 p.m. thank god! kim picked me up so i was able to reach home hassle-free. i even made it to the 9 p.m. mass with the family. after the mass, we had our pre-noche buena at my aunt gem’s house, which is near the church.

cousin kyle, nephew rajah, moi, mom, sis, aunt gem, uncle lex, dad, bro-in-law

back at home, we were still full from tita gem’s food so we just exchanged gifts with each other and took a family photo beside our little tree. my brother, sister-in-law and niece did not make it to our house because it was raining hard at their place and my niece has the colds.

on christmas day, i begged my brother to come home early in the morning because i will be off for work again before lunchtime. i was very happy that he did arrive with his family by 7 a.m. we had our noche buena food for breakfast, exchanged gifts again and then took another family photo before i head to work.


we had a slow day at work and by 7 p.m. we were already singing (schatzi brought a magic sing set) our hungry stomachs (kenny’s delivery service was delayed) away. thanks to kate’s sister krista’s pasta, we were able to sing five songs each without collapsing. anyway, kate kept a tally of our scores and schatzi won. here be a photo while kate was singing like a virgin!

we made it through the wildernessss…

our day in the office was capped off by this winterrr wonderrrland photo:

we hope you all had a merrry chrrristmas :D

back at our makati unit, i started *really* opening (i’ve been peeking the whole time with some wrappers half opened already) the gifts i received from family and friends. i took a photo of my loot this morning:

guess i’ve been nice this year ;)

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