football, drinks night

december 16. amid the craziness of research work, we had a night of everything but research work. we also had with us ate abi (pdi business reporter), who dropped by the office with cakes for the research team (yay!), and our respective satellites.

our first mission was to find a place with a television set so we can catch the game of the azkals (the philippine soccer team) against indonesia at the suzuki cup. andrea and schatzi, who were off from work early, found for us the then non-crowded california pizza kitchen branch at greenbelt 5. we had one round of drinks there while watching the azkals’ game. those who haven’t eaten dinner also stuffed themselves.

after the game (the azkals lose, sad face), we transferred to chili’s for our second mission: get drunk somewhere that offers alcoholic drinks at a relatively cheap price. we had the bottomless nachos and two pitchers of frozen margarita. kate was staying away from tequila and had beer, while kim was staying away from alcoholic drinks in general and had a molten chocolate smoothie.

and here be a perfect way to cap off the night:

party in the elevator :))

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