yeba: rockin’ and rollin’ like it’s 2001

december 11. for this year’s college bloc christmas get-together: videoke + billiards + food + alcoholic drinks + crazy yebans (as we fondly call ourselves) = party-party one more time!!!

after a seemingly endless camwhorage, a killer billiard game followed. each player was assigned their corresponding balls. the goal is to pocket your opponents’ balls before they pocket yours. kim won on the first game, besting wendi, kate, isa and me. he actually killed my balls first. i don’t know whatever happened to the the next games because i was too heartbroken. just kidding! we also played solids and stripes wherein i beat kim on the last game. now that was one game i remember, ha-ha-ha!

until next year <3

of course, there was also a lot of singing, including a duet of magkasuyo buong gabi and an a la-boyband rendition of backstreet boys’ tearin’ up my heart by the the boyfriend (honorary blocmate, hehe), jobert, lawrence and stephen (video here. for facebook friends only.). in summary, another night for the books.


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