09 december 2010

so, i didn’t win the raffle… but i still had so much fun!

the first thing we did was to abuse the photobooth this time because we were deprived of the opportunity last december 1. actually, we were torn between eating dinner and the photobooth. imagine that. so we just hoarded the photobooth before and after eating dinner.

eliza and i seated ourselves at table 5 in front of the stage in time for honoring the inquirer read-along team. shortly after, we were entertained by guyito’s dance number.

guyito was followed by other performers, including kitchie nadal, cooky chua and barbie almabis, in between raffle draws and games.

kate, schatzi and i were able to squeeze ourselves for a photo op with barbieee!!!

i even said goodbye to barbie when she passed by our table. she was kind enough to stop and turn to me to say bye back. <3

the rest of the night was spent dancing with juan pablo dream on the background.

and then the research team had a short tequila after-party…

that ended with pictures like these:

attracted to lights :))
felt like fulfilling a dream XD
open trucks become interesting :))
sudden urges to pose for pictures XD

i’m definitely going to remember this day for the rest of my life.


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