a picker-upper c/o my gs gehls

amid bad days and an upset stomach, all it took was a last-minute confirmation text of an 8 p.m. dinner date at chili’s, greenbelt 5 with these girls to lift my mood even just for a night.

we had tostada chips (while waiting to be seated), texas chili fries with chili, pasta (what it’s called escapes me now) and big mouth bites–all in between chismisan, of course! >.<

and so the highlight of the night was when one of my girls confessed that she is dalaga na (a.k.a. finally dating! and exclusively dating at that!). i cannot express just how happy i am! ^-^

also, our friend ching here is getting married in less than a month (we’ve known since the engagement but i am announcing it here on my blog just now, hehe). read her bride-to-be stories and be inspired.

i love these girls to bits. i’m already looking forward to our yuletide (gerlie tm) party!


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