bedroom cleanup: stuff i unearthed

i spent my first weekend with my new toy taking photos of the stuff i unearthed during my recent bedroom cleanup on olsen’s day.

birthday gift from ann may some years ago
my favorite childhood toy named little alminette

rings from kim
pocket microscope from tita tata
hair clip from tita tet
oil pastels, color pencils, 64-color crayons
i took the ‘do not lose this stub’ note seriously
the chain used for the gogo yubari ball for my college grad pic
bouquet remnants and shells/stones from my trips
bob ong collection
love stories pocketbooks
various novels
my gsp pin
ribbon of the name card on the pdi umbrella ljm gave us
after an interview for our college thesis
musical jewelry box

for more nostalgia, my mom came home from the market with these chalk candies that i enjoyed so much as a kid. i still love them <<<3


3 thoughts on “bedroom cleanup: stuff i unearthed

  1. Angsaya! I love the microscope and the music box! :) Sa book swap sama ka ha? Puwedeng peram nung Alice Hoffman? Na-realize kong in love ako sa style nya recently. Gusto mong hiramin Turtle Moon by her in exchange? Maganda din sya. :)Thanks in advance!

  2. yeheys! next year daw yung bookswap mga jan siguro. sabihan ka namin kung kelan ha? :) sama mo din si kim if he wants! :) padala na lang sa maynila kung uuwi kang batangas for christmas :) thanks!

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