new toy: canon ixus 130 is

last night, i finally got the replacement camera at avant for my olympus 770 sw. the damaged unit can still undergo operation but i was told it will not fully recover as it will no longer be waterproof. the model has been phased out and the supplier is having a hard time sourcing the needed parts. i was then given an option to use the estimate price of repair as subsidy for a new unit as part of the extended warranty i availed for the product almost three years ago. signing up for the warranty was a good decision because my dear olympus had already been repaired twice in the past and i didn’t pay a single peso for the services and parts.

so after browsing through the very limited selection at avant last night i finally went home with a hot pink canon ixus 130 is. it’s just a basic point-and-shoot camera. i wanted to get sony’s tx5–resistant to water, shock, dust and temperature–but they don’t have any stocks available. kim wanted to get an olympus tough 6020 but due to slight trauma from my experience with my sw770, i opted to try other brands.

i am requesting for a moment of silence to pay respect to my previous underwater cameras. they have served me well. now it’s time for me to move on and let go.


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