trick or treat ’10

i never got to experience trick-or-treating as a kid so i always get excited for my nephew. i remember buying him a costume when he was two (or three?) years old:

baby the flash

today, he was supposed to attend the trick or treat in our office but we missed the deadline for registration last tuesday. anyway, here’s what we (eliza, lawrence and i) prepared (in behalf of the research team) for the kids:

as for me, no treats. and i haven’t received any halloween party invites. not that i get one every year. i just miss having the halloween feel and with magandang gabi bayan gone, it’s harder to be haunted nowadays, ha-ha-ha!

i miss spending halloween with our mercado clan. it used to be like a reunion for us. my favorite part is when my cousins and i would form two or three groups and each group would be assigned a bedroom in nanay lipa’s (my maternal grandmother) house to transform into a horror room. our uncles and aunts would choose which room is the scariest. sometimes, my cousins and i would play spirit of the glass or share ghost stories inside a dark room. oh such fun times.


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