a different kind of monthsary

for a change, kim and i decided to stay in for our 112th monthsary last thursday. we had a modern family season 1 marathon. thanks, eliza, for the recommendation. we did enjoy watching. :D

in between the 24 25-minute-short episodes, we had lunch — bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber salad; daytime dessert — curly tops; merienda — nachos and honey mustard dip with parsley bits (thanks, joan, for the recipe that i know now by heart); and dinner — buttered young corn and baby carrot, and bacon and cheese mashed potatoes.

we finished the whole season by dinnertime so we headed to krispy kreme in bonifacio high street for dessert.
we stayed there until the store started turning off its lights shortly before midnight (because they have free wifi, ha-ha-ha!). we then decided to walk from there to rufino corner chino roces just for the heck of it. the adventure proved that i was the better navigator.we had so much fun walking for almost two hours. we discovered that some parts of global city are dark enough for stargazing. kim spotted a shooting star (he claims he did, but i missed it). i saw migratory birds flying in v formation (at night? i don’t know about you, but i think it’s amazing.)we also talked about anything and everything. and then ended up scaring the hell out of each other with ghost stories when we passed by the huge empty-looking houses along mckinley road. they just have the haunted feel. we were even running when we passed by a half-open wooden gate, revealing a dark alley, near the church.

* * *
also noting: food cravings on thursday — mcdonald’s chicken nuggets with rice and big mac meal, and saturday — sbarro’s baked zitti in white sauce and pizza.


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