the sound of metal cutlery against ceramic/porcelain (and the like) dinnerware annoys me. i don’t know but the noise just makes me crazy. this has always been a problem of mine especially when eating with other people. when in sit-down restaurants or big events (e.g. weddings, formal parties) and you spot me eating carefully, it’s just me keeping my utensils from touching my plate. you may also catch me wincing and it’s not because the food tastes bad but because i’m trying to stand the noise from other people’s eating.

at home, i use plastic plates and a wooden chopping board for food preparation. i pack my lunch in plastic containers with plastic spoon and fork.

i don’t have a choice but to bear it. like a non-curable disease. sadly. but when i really really can’t take it anymore i try to tell those i am eating with, particularly if they’re close friends or relatives, that the noise is driving me nuts. i usually get the same reactions – they’d give me the weird look and then annoy me by making that noise again. some are more considerate (kim’s relatives would always set a plastic plate for me at the table) and would even kindly point out to other people to try to at least minimize that noise because i hate it (a former officemate raises my issue when someone makes that noise over lunch).

i’ve heard about people who hate the sound of scraping fingernails against blackboard, rubbing styrofoam or balloons against each other, or griding tin roof, among others. but i am yet to meet someone who has the same problem with the noise of metal against ceramic/porcelain et al.


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