a perfect 10 kiss

it wasn’t planned. at least i didn’t have any plans. maybe kim had a plan but it wasn’t this specific. but i know the universe must have planned that moment for us. i believe it is so because we were not rushing or stalling to catch that moment. we were more like flowing just right in sync with time.

after dinner (at kfc), we had our usual walk home. as we were climbing the stairs, kim suggested we go to the rooftop. i know there is nothing special about that rooftop and i was already tired so i told him i didn’t want to go there. he said he has something to tell me. but he always says that just to get my attention. when we got inside the unit i took my shoes off and told him he can go up there by himself if he really wanted to. “i bet it’s dark up there,” i warned him. he went out anyway. i was chatting with my roommate when he came back shortly after. i asked him if it was dark and he just said he’s tampo. i’m not in the mood to have a fight over little things so i eventually gave in to his request and went up the rooftop with him.

at the rooftop, we were greeted by clothesline. so the first thing we talked about was if it’s possible for us to have our own clothesline there and how we are going to keep it from the rain. and how our imaginary junior would someday be running wild under those clotheslines. i also remember checking which corner of the rooftop has the best view. we looked up the sky for a long time and realized the moon was missing and only one star was visible.

in my mind i was also thinking how long kim was planning for us to stay up there so i asked him what it was he was going to tell me.

he then hugged me and said, “10/10/10 and here we are under a single star. i love you.” and then he kissed my forehead.

i saw him check his watch. and inside i hoped he’ll realize it’s already late (i.e. time to leave the rooftop). he made a second look on the time and said it was 10:09. he added that if i had agreed to go up right away we could have been there at exactly 10 p.m. and then a better idea came to his mind and he suggested we do a countdown (up?) to 10:10:10 since his watch is digital.

that’s when the magic hit me. and all i could remember after that was we were giggling like we have a secret. we didn’t make an agreement to kiss but we did. there was a split second when i realized his face was already close to mine and we were still giggling and i remember whispering, “just 10 seconds!”

a 10-second kiss at the rooftop under a moonless sky with a single star, on 10/10/10 at 10:10:10 p.m. <3

thank you, universe, for simple lovely moments like this. :)


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