oc sunday

yesterday morning, before going to work, i organized my cabinet and bags. i found out that the handle of my black office bag is nearly falling off already so i had to transfer my stuff into another bag. the skin of my red and white bags were wearing off so that left me with my purple bag. but the corner seam of the latter’s inner lining has a rip so i had to sew it first.

[inside my everyday bag: spare mobile phone, pencil case, to-do list pad, planner, eyeglasses, kikay kit, double mint candy, flashlight, pepper spray, foldable umbrella and wallet . i also have my office id and some loose tissue paper (from mcdo, kfc, chowking, etc.) in the front pocket of my bag.]

on my way to work, my sandals gave up on me. it was one of my favorite pairs. good thing, i have a spare footwear in the office. at work, i thought of rearranging my desk. at first, my only concern was to place my telephone as near as possible to my computer but then i ended up cleaning and rearranging and organizing everything in my workstation.

later, i also made a monthly calendar that fitted just right on the remaining space of my cork board.

after work (and grocery shopping), at home, i took a long bath. i shampooed, conditioned and then treated my hair. i cleansed my face and used a pore strip on my nose. i then toned and moisturized my face. it was so refreshing! i felt so organised and clean and went to bed smiling. (^-^)


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