mcdo hopping

it took three mcdo stores before i finally satisfied my craving for a big mac and chicken mcnuggets!

after work, kim and i went to the buendia store at corner chino roces. i was comfortably seated already when kim came back from the queue, pulled me up from my chair and told me we’d just go to the mcdo along ayala avenue. when i asked him why, he just gave me the i’d-tell-you-outside look. once outside, kim told me that our reason to transfer was the nonpinoy family who came in the store after us. kim said the presumed dad came in line behind him and he instantly smelled something fishy (if you know what i mean). he then spotted the rest of the family headed toward the table next to where i was seated so he came to my rescue.

the next mcdo we passed by was beside the krispy kreme across the pbcom tower in ayala. but they did not have the big mac! why?!

finally, we ended up at the mcdo across the ayala triangle.


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